Minding the Store

Regina Mind the Store 12-2015 A

December 30, 2015
Lansing, MI

Minding the Store: Babies-R-Us

Once I entered the store, I started to peruse some of the products. There were many SAFETY messages on them about a child’s physical safety when the product is being used, but no wording to identify chemicals on the pads or components of the products. No warning of potential neurological hazards. I thought, “Bumps heal; disabilities do not.”

I met with Linda, the Store Manager, who was open and attentive to what I shared with her. She told me that Babies-R-Us, at least in Lansing, Michigan, has already taken many toxins out of their products. They even built a separate factory in China and trained those workers on Toxic Chemicals, teaching them about the differences between US and China with regard to chemical regulations. Linda took the written information from me and committed to sharing it with her Regional President who was visiting next month. I encouraged her to contact me about the outcome of that meeting.

She reminded me that David Brandon, former Athletic Director at University of Michigan, is the new CEO of Toys-R-Us and Babies-R-Us. His “newness” might be a great opportunity to push for not only changes but alerts to customers that their stores are “Striving to be CLEAN in 2016!” Good slogan, right?

I left the store believing that something WILL be done; a conversation WILL happen; and perhaps we can continue to support the store in their efforts to alert consumers to a healthier year ahead.

Regina Carey
LDA of MI, President