Washtenaw Chapter

WLDA provides information, resources & support in Washtenaw County.


  • WLDA provides information about learning differences, supports students and families, sponsors training for teachers and parents, and funds scholarships for students with learning disabilities.
  • WLDA is a private non-profit organization funded by membership dues, and private donations.
  • WLDA provides information on learning disabilities, educational law, and local tutors to individuals, families, teachers, and the public.
  • WLDA provides scholarships and recognition for students with learning disabilities.
  • WLDA provides activities in the community for small groups of students with learning differences.
  • WLDA maintains a list of its members in the community who provide tutoring services.


Available Scholarships

Harary Scholarship for Tutoring
Alice Warshaw Learning Disabilities Scholarship at WCC

WLDA Board of Directors

President: Ruth Berean

Meredith Schindler

Debbie Houde

Elizabeth Richardson

WLDA Archives

WLDA 2015

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