You Can Take action for Healthy Children

Healthy Children Project: Calling on dollar stores to sell safe products

We believe all families have a right to affordable and safe products. That is why the LDA is proud to be a member of the Campaign for Healthier Solutions asking dollar stores to remove harmful chemicals in their products.

Discount retail stores (commonly known as “dollar stores”) operate over 24,000 stores nationally, more than Walmart. In many communities, dollar stores may be the only source of products and food.

Sadly, testing of over 150 dollar store products found dangerous chemicals in 81% of the products tested. Many toxic chemicals – including the lead found in costume jewelry and phthalates found in silly straws – are linked to lower IQ, learning disabilities, and ADHD. But sadly to date, the companies are not taking meaningful action to get these toxic chemicals out of their products.

State LDAs across the U.S. are taking action. Recently, LDA volunteers participated in the Campaign for Healthier Solutions’ day of action, speaking to store managers at 39 locations in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The ask: tell corporate that costumers need and deserve safe products. We applaud LDA affiliate offices across the county for their advocacy for children’s health and protection from toxic chemicals harmful to brain development and learning.

Please join us and tell these stores you want them to sell safer products now by taking action: