We Ask REI to Remove PFAS from their Products

From jackets to boots, outdoor gear sold at REI and other retailers contains waterproofing chemicals called PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). And the production, use, and disposal of these products pollute people and the planet. A growing body of scientific research has found links between exposures to PFAS and a wide range of health problems including cancer, a weaker immune system, and increased cholesterol. REI has the power to lead the outdoor apparel industry in a bold phase-out of PFAS from products. This holiday season we are asking REI to give its customers the gift of a PFAS-free future.

The CDC states that some studies have shown that PFAS chemicals may adversely affect growth, learning and behavior in infants snd children, among many other health affects. These chemicals do not break down and are contaminating our water supplies, our soil, and our bodies. 

Please sign-on your organization to this letter to REI urging the company to phase out and ban PFAS. To sign on, go to this link and fill out the Google form.

If you want to see where stores are in your state, you can visit this REI webpage but please note even if you don’t have stores or don’t stop there, we still want you to take the actions if appropriate and would appreciate you sharing with your boards, family and friends (and of course if you know REI shoppers, share with them).