Action Alert: New Leader Being Selected for Consumer Product Safety Commission

Who should lead the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)? LDA thinks it should be someone who will protect our health. The CPSC is one of the top federal agencies with the job of protecting Americans from dangers in everyday products, including toxic chemicals.

Nancy Beck has been nominated for this position. Beck has a track record of using her leadership positions to block actions to protect children and adults with learning disabilities from harm.

Nancy Beck is the wrong person to put in charge of protecting our families from dangerous products.

Tell your senators to oppose this nomination. Tell them we need an advocate for consumers that will protect our health.

Here are just some examples of her bad track record:

  • While at the EPA, Beck rewrote rules under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to ignore exposures to lead from pipes and paint because they are no longer used in new products. Her approach was rejected by a Federal Court of Appeals– in a case brought by the LDA and other organizations – for violating the law.
  • Beck directed EPA staff to ignore the exposure of neurotoxic chemicals from polluted drinking water, air and soil when evaluating risk. The agency refused to change its approach, despite criticism from the EPA’s own Science Advisory Committee.
  • Beck blocked the proposed ban on brain-damaging pesticide chlorpyrifos, despite the strong scientific evidence cited by EPA’s own scientists.
  • Beck delayed children’s protections for lead by failing to update the hazard standard for lead paint – contrary to federal court order.

Nancy Beck is the chemical lobby’s choice but she is the wrong choice to protect us from dangerous products. If confirmed, she could hold this position for a 7-year term.

Please act now and tell Congress to reject her nomination.

Thank you!